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Annecy Paragliding : discover our Discovery tandem flight.

Paragliding flight from 10 to 15 minutes in the calm morning air for people wanting to discover paragliding.

You want to do a paragliding flight above Lake Annecy ? You are a bit nervous ? Completely normal. This flight is perfect for you ! You will be able to discover paragliding while flying over Lake Annecy in calm conditions. A long slide in a beautiful scenery.

You will be accompanied by certified instructors. A few strides at the take-off and let’s go ! Don’t worry we do not jump with our glider, we fly ! To take-off we just need to take a few steps. And the landing also happens smoothly. Our instructors will explain all the phases of the flight while going up with the shuttle.



A tandem flight for people from 12 years old without other age limit ! A minimal physical condition is necessary for this flight because we need the passenger to perform a short run in order to take-off. In case of any questions or doubt, please contact us.

90Kg /200 Pounds Max.


The discovery flights are performed in the morning between 9 and 12 am.

This flight lasts about 10 to 15 minutes. You’ll have to plan about one hour, enough time for the shuttle to go up, for the flight and to get back to the shop.


The meeting point is at our paragliding school in Doussard. We will bring you up with the shuttle to the take-off at the Col de la Forclaz in Montmin. The landing is in Doussard. We will come back together to the shop to show you the pictures and videos of your flight.


85€ for the discovery flight.

Pictures and video 25€ + K2 USB Stick 5€

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The equipment is the same as for a hike : sport shoes, a sweater, a jacket and pants.