Today we’re going to answer all of your questions about how your paragliding flight with K2 Parapente in Annecy takes place.



It’s very easy to book your paragliding tandem flight above Lake Annecy ! You can book your tandem flight directly on our website.

Thanks to our online booking platform you can directly choose the type of flight you want, on what day and time you’d like to fly. Our online schedule is updated after every booking. This way you can see our availabilities in real time.

You will find a complete description of every type of tandem flight so that you can, without a doubt, choose the right one.


If you still have any questions or just need some reassuring, or even if you prefer booking directly with us, please feel welcome to contact our reception staff by phone : 06 72 73 76 58 or by e-mail :


Our team will know how to answer your questions and help you with your booking.


Small tip : Book your flight for the beginning of your stay so that you have a chance to reschedule in case of bad weather.


Once your paragliding flight is booked , either by phone or online, all you have to do is wait for the big day. When this day comes, we will be expecting you 15/20 minutes before your flight in order to take care of the last details. And relax with a coffee before taking off.


So that you can enjoy your paragliding flight in Annecy the most, we advise you dress the same as for a walk in the mountains. Sneakers or closed shoes, pants, a sweater, a jacket (especially for the longer flights) and sunglasses.


Small tip : If you booked your flight online, you will get a text message with all the information 24 hours before your flight.


It’s time to fly ! The passengers from the flight before are coming back with a smile, why would it be any different for you ? Just a little longer before reaching the take-off, first we have to go up to Col de la Forclaz in Montmin


That’s when our driver will smoothly take you to the take-off. So get settled in our shuttle and enjoy the ride while our instructors explain the happening of the flight in the good mood our school is known for. So don’t forget to listen and open your eyes wide because you’ll be seeing some beautiful places just in front of you !


Small tip : If you’re easily sick in the car or on a boat, why not get a pill against travel sickness at the pharmacy to make sure you won’t be bothered during your paragliding flight in Annecy.


You’ve arrived ! When the shuttle arrives at its destination you’ve already had a glimpse of the lake and mostly a lot of paragliders in the sky. And it’s almost your turn ! But first a little warm-up with a 3/4 minutes walk to get to the take-off.


WOOOOOOOOW !! A unique view on the lake and the city of Annecy lies in front of you.


Don’t get to far from your instructor, it’s very busy on the take-off. That’s when he’ll equip you with a helmet and harness, which is the seat you’ll be sitting in during the flight ! You’ve never been so close to flying…


You’ll be attached to the instructor, he checks his glider and GO! You’re off ! A few energetic steps forward and without realising it you’re in the air feeling sensations only a paraglider can give !


Small tip : Listen carefully to the safety instructions your pilot gives you at the take-off (NOT TO SIT DOWN AND RUN) !


You’ve taken off ! That’s when your pilot will tell you that everything went well and that you can comfortably sit down in your harness. It’s important that you’re properly seated so don’t mind moving a little to get settled in the harness. And now it’s time to fully enjoy your flight ! Open your eyes and smile… Our instructors will be taking pictures and video’s during the flights so that you can have an unforgettable souvenir ! And you’ll see that all of your nervousness left you right after the take-off. During the flight you can talk with your pilot, ask him questions and get to know how all of this works.


Small tip : Relax, take a deep breath, everything’s going to go just fine ! Don’t get all tense but let go ! Our equipment is properly maintained and certified up to 2,2 tons.


Unfortunately all good things come to an end. You can already see the landing area in Doussard getting closer where your family and friends are waiting. But for some it’s not over yet, this is when the acrobatic figures start for the sensation flight. So for those of you, hold on tight , it’s going to spin !


After all these exceptional emotions and sensations, it’s time to land. A small last effort, you need to get back up when your instructor tells you to and prepare your legs for the landing.


Just a few steps and the glider is already on the ground. You can believe us, you’ve never smiled as much as in that moment !


After helping the instructor to pack up the glider and put everything back in the shuttle, we’ll get back to the shop where you can see the pictures and video’s of your paragliding flight in Annecy.


Small tip : If you’re a little nervous about the landing, you can just land sitting down. Indeed underneath the harness is an airbag just in case ! Of course you’ll have to tell the pilot first.

That’s it. We hope everything went as expected and that you’ll come see us again for your next flight in Annecy !