Today our pilot Antoine Cabiac talks about his three favourite paragliding spots.



The Cerdagne sun. It’s legendary solar oven. What else ?

I fly around 300 hours a year just in Font Romeu ! This geographical area in our country has the chance to benefit from the Mediterranean climate and therefor is one of the most sunniest regions in France.

Le pôle espoir de vol libre dont j’ai fait partie, est situé sur font Romeu.

The paragliding espoir pole that I was a part of, is based in Font Romeu. It is for all these reasons that they use this spot for training.

The take-off is located in the town of Targasonne, next to Font Romeu and is called “les Mauroux”. Peaking at 2072 meters high and oriented to the SOUTH. So it’s perfect if you like flights through astonishing landscapes and generous weather conditions that can take you over 4000 meters high. It’ll then be easy to go say “Hola!” to the Spanish vultures and fly distances of up to 160 kilometres.

In general the best period to fly there is from early September until the end of October.

I strongly advise you to put Font Romeu into your car’s gps and to head down to this destination !

And mostly, don’t forget your Catalan fuet !




This site is located next to the town of Souillac in the Lot county in the Occitan region.

At the landing you will be welcomed by Mireille and Michel, the owners of the restaurant “Le Quercynois”. If you like foie gras dishes accompanied by some regional potatoes, you’re in the right place !

I especially enjoy the Roc site after the passage of a cold front (bad weather) because when leaving, it leaves a beautiful tail end full of small clouds ! And that allows us on good days to land at the feet of the Montagne Noire (Castre, Dourgnes) and much more.

During these aerial walks, we fly over our beautiful French countryside such as for example the Rocamadour and its majestic eagles whose paths you might cross in a thermal.

The distances can be pushed up to 240 kilometres, afterwards we’re stuck in front of a big puddle, called the Mediterranean !

A tip, always put your swimsuit in your harness just in case 😉

So if you’re looking to discover an incredible history, a tasty region and a great site, I strongly advise you to take a stop here for a few days !



On May 5th 1979 the first paragliding club was created, les Choucas (it still exists). Michel Sarthe, Michel Didriche, Gérard Bosson and Jean-Claude Bétemps organised the first training sessions in Mieussy.

In 1985 Laurent de Kalbermaten develops  “la randonneuse”, the first true paraglider. Made with light materials and easier to inflate than a parachute.  “Slope flying” officially becomes paragliding.

In the years 2000, for me Mieussy was the cradle of my childhood and my first steps into paragliding. Every year we spend two months of summer there with my parents.

Vacation was all about the Giffre (the river), la Casta (mountain restaurant), le Pertuiset (the take-off), la Ferme (the landing) with its end of the season feasts full of joy !

The spot itself has huge flight potential for all levels, from beginners to organizing the biggest national and international distance competitions.

That’s why Mieussy is of great sentimental value to me and why this place will always be my favourite site.


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