New pilots K2 Parapente – 2019

Check out who are our two new K2 paragliding pilots for the 2019 season!


Born in 1992 in Lot, a little department in the middle of France. His father discovers paragliding a few years before he does but at the age of twelve Theo also gets passionate and makes his first flight. A while later he joins the paragliding espoir pole at Font-Romeu where he’ll participate in his first competitions.

BPJEPS instructor since 2012, tandem flights are his main occupation but he gest down to the ground from time to time for some teaching.

His other passions : skiing, base-jumping, photography but most of all… watching Martin and Louis invent new figures!



Born in 1995, he does his first tandem flight with his father at 3 years old followed by his first solo flight at the age of 7.

Afterwards Antoine joins the espoir pole in the Pyrenees for 2 years.

Thanks to his strong results, he participated four times in the paragliding World Cup all the while studying landscaping.

In 2017 he starts his BPJEPS course and discovers acrobatic flying. Antoine loves to share his passion through tandem flights and teaching. His goal is to specialise in SIV courses and therefor obtain the DEJEPS certificate in a near future.

His hobby’s are mountain biking, climbing, skiing, video editing and drinking a beer at the end of the day with friends !

We wish them a good season among us and are very happy to welcome them in team K2!

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See you soon in the air.