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The pilots of séranne thank you

Hi Christophe, a small reminder of our course seen from inside… And you were right for my harness, you can see the planet upside down, the evidence on picture.


Thank you for this great course full of emotions, sensations and mostly progress. A wonderful team and atmosphere in a breath-taking scenery. Kisses to you and Sya. See you next year. Alain, course from 7 to 9 May 2013 with Mosailes.


Here’s Paul’s testimony, nothing can stop this man from Doubs ! Neither rain nor fog nor wind… And it pays off…

Paul’s testimony


I’ve known Christophe and Max’s school since 2009. At the time I was a young paraglider (well young in the paragliding world, not that young in real life) and I wanted to improve in this sport. I randomly ended up at K2… Luckily ! I immediately liked how this school teaches. Adapted to each one’s level and expectations. Christophe’s calm and precise instructions on the radio and Max’s reassuring presence at the take-off, it was exactly what I needed!
After my first course, it was obvious that I would come back ! So I did many courses, nearly one every year, and each time my paragliding skills evolved. Until June 2015 when I had a bad accident while flying at Puy de dôme. Multiple fractures, 4 months in the hospital, rehabilitation… So I thought : ok, I’m done with flying, it’s enough ! But of course, once you’ve had a taste of paragliding… In short, I couldn’t resist starting over. But I needed to start slowly, to be supervised.

Luckily, in August 2016, my favourite school organised a first thermals course !! I didn’t hesitate (much) and after a few hours of slope training, I found pleasure in flying again ! Of course, it wasn’t always easy, I sometimes hesitated a long time before taking off, but Max was very attentive, encouraged me without pushing and Christophe watched over me during the flights… I really believe that it is thanks to them that I started flying again ! And then to truly regain confidence, I started doing SIV courses again. I already did 2 and a third one is booked for the spring of 2018. So that’s K2, an SIV school, great tandem pilots, but mostly 2 attentive instructors who know how to help apprentice paragliders (and even pro paragliders !) to fly safely ! I’ll end this testimony with just one phrase : THANK YOU and Carry on ! (ok, that’s 2 phrases…)

Christine from Belgium


A great SIV experience with Christophe and Max !

Great teaching, they are both very attentive and give advice that really makes a difference (that’s the point ^^).
 I recommend it to all the pilots that are willing to confidently progress, without jumping any steps !
Keeping in mind the famous “hands to the pulley” and here we go.